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The possibilities for a criminal investigation job vary depending on exactly in which area of criminal investigation someone decides to work. Criminal investigation has the reputation of being an exciting career, especially because so many television shows glamorize this job and make it seem like something both challenging and sexy. However, the reality of the job is probably far different from the representation of it portrayed on television dramas. It is a job characterized by painstaking scrutiny and attention to details, and it can easily be depressing and sad because seeing so much violence each day is bound to have an effect on someone’s mental state. However, even though the television shows do not always show the stark realities of the job, working in a criminal investigation job can be a challenging, exciting, and rewarding career.

Criminal Investigation Job Possibilities

Although there are many different options concerning a criminal investigation job, they all fall under the broader umbrella of criminal justice. Formal education is generally required or recommended for a criminal investigation job, but there are many different degree options that qualify. A Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice, criminology, sociology or psychology may be possibilities, and people with a strong science background have certain advantages, as well. It is best to research the requirements for the desired job before pursuing the education to obtain it in order to ensure that the applicant is adequately prepared.

One possibility for a criminal investigation job is a criminal investigator special agent with the Internal Revenue Service. Many people do not think about this option when considering criminal investigation jobs because it is really different from other criminal investigation jobs. An IRS criminal investigator special agent is part of the law enforcement branch of the IRS and combines accounting or financial skills and background with criminal justice or investigating skills to investigate suspected financial crimes. If the investigative exploration and search is what appeals to a potential criminal investigator’s interest instead of specifically investigating violent crimes, like theft, rape, and murder, then a criminal investigator job with the IRS could be the perfect choice.

Other options for a criminal investigation job include crime scene investigators, Federal Bureau of Investigation agents, detectives, police officers, etc. All of these jobs require some degree of criminal investigation. Jobs like the crime scene investigators revolve completely around criminal investigation, while being a police officer may only occasionally involve criminal investigation. Again, the specific requirements and job duties of each profession vary. To find the best fit, each person should research potential job choices before determinedly pursuing one.

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